Wound & Skin Care

At Dutiful Daughters, our team of highly competent and capable Registered Nurses are on hand to facilitate and provide succesful wound and skin care.

How we help


Benefit 1

Peace of mind knowing that you are being attended to by experienced Registered Nurses who are trained in the area of wound management and skin integrity.

Benefit 2

The ability to have your skin integrity and wound management attended to in the comfort and privacy of your own home at your selected time.

Benefit 3

Successful wound and skin care plans that are aligned to your GP or Specialist’s recommendations with the latest products and techniques.  An assessment of the entire person is considered to ensure wound healing and better skin integrity.

Our approach to Wound & Skin Care


At Dutiful Daughters our Registered Nurses pride themselves on delivering a quality service at a convenient time to you for your wound and skin care management.  From surgical wounds to chronic ulcers, our Registered Nurses practice in line with current best evidence and recommendations. Through frequent contact with your GP and specialist we ensure that optimum wound and skin care is maintained.

Our team take a holistic approach to wound and skin care management and will work with you to ensure you are maintaining healthy eating habits, exercise and a balanced lifestyle with the support you need. Preventative strategies are essential to maintaining skin integrity and prevent skin breakdown.


Other ways we can help


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